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The world is a crazy place, and the best way to survive is to be prepared for any situation. All it takes is one second for your entire life to change. Should you ever be faced with a situation where your safety is in jeopardy, would you know what to do? At Jernigan's School of Martial Arts and Self Defense, we offer informative and rewarding classes on Self Defense in Plano, TX. Our self defense instruction focuses on real life situations and helps you gain the confidence and strength to turn the tables on an attacker.

Our goal is to keep you safe. When you study self defense with us, you will gain a wealth of knowledge and training on how to protect yourself. The mission of our self defense sessions is to teach our students how to be as proficient as possible in self defense by learning a series of important skills that anyone, regardless of their strength or size, could perform in the event of a personal attack.

At Jernigan's School of Martial Arts and Self Defense, our self defense training will teach your how to defend yourself from a number of different types of attacks. For example, you will learn how to defend against muggings, grabs, assaults, attempted rapes, carjacking situations, and much more. Our self defense instructors will work with you to help build your natural strength, boost your confidence in intimidating situations, minimize your weaknesses, and teach you awareness. You will also learn target disabling through vital points, which makes it easy to stun someone even twice your size.

Our self defense classes are perfect for students of all age ranges and ability levels. At Jernigan's School of Martial Arts and Self Defense, we believe in always being prepared, and with our self defense courses, you can ensure that you have the confidence and knowledge to stand up to whatever comes your way.

Start your journey to becoming more self confident today, and sign up for one of our informative self defense classes.

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